My Take On Denim

Happy Monday Foster’s, hope you had a great week last week, and continue to have a great one this week. Many of you know that Denim has been trending for awhile now. So I thought I would put together for you  and talk about them. Regardless if you like denim or not we all wear it. I’ve never done a blog like this way before and I got it from another blogger  Mardeline Miguel so credits to her. If you’re interested in seeing every article of clothing checkit out on my Youtube Channel. All the items are in there singled out. Let’s get started on these 3 outfits I put together.

1.) Denim School Girl

PhotoGrid_1463355367293 [1820]Some people like to get dressed up for school. Sometimes I’ll do that, but I don’t have the energy to do that everyday early in the mornings. So I love to go the casual route. I like distressed jeans, but I don’t like all types of patterns on them. I paired these jeans with a good vibes shirt. It says “Good Food, Good Vibes”. In school I’m always going to school I feel like you need good vibes and try to think positive. I have a thing for Converse,they’re my all time favorite shoes. The white compliments this outfit so well keeps the casual vibe real nice. I threw this backpack in because I see a lot of girls wearing these types. I personally neverhad one like this butit’s pretty cute.

2.) Denim Mall Chic

PhotoGrid_1463354779233 [1821]For this look I was trying to go for a vintage look. For some reason I have an obsession with vintage all of a sudden. These are vintage overalls, I personally am a fan favorite of overalls. I think the white lacey crop top goes nice to add some lightness to the dark washed overalls. I love wedges my favorite type of shoe. Just adding my weirdness in wearing these tan wedges with these short overalls will make your legs look sexy not matter what height you are. Will have guys looking you way. I added this cute across the shoulder tan purse with these circle framed, cheetah print glasses. This is a cute outfit for shopping at the mall.

3.) Denim Day Out With Girls

PhotoGrid_1463355942883 [1819]This thin strap denim dress is very cute. I like how there is nothing specific going on just buttons in the center. You can dress this up anyway you want. I decided to use the color pink to pop in some color. And you know that’s my favorite color. These pink suede strappy pumps are so cute at a very nice length, accent off those legs. This pink purse is to die for just because its pink lol. I don’t know how to described these sunglasses, but that they’re chic. This is a cute outfit for a day with the girls. Because the whole squad is gna be on point.

Thanks for reading again this week and staying tuned every week. Comment and tell me what outfit you like best. Have a great week and stay tuned for next week.

Love, Dazhane Fisher




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