Windy Spring Day: GRWM

Happy Monday Foster’s, I want to start off by saying sorry for not posting last week. Some of my blog post have disappeared. I don’t know how, so I was a little distraught over  it since I’ve been working hard on it since December of 2015. I decided for it not to set me back and to press on. So today is a short little blog on how I achieved the makeup look in the video above, please watch.

As many of you know the season is spring. Spring is a really good season not too warm or windy depending on where you live. Or sometimes it can be plain hot or sometimes just windy. Where I live here in Victorville, California the High Desert its been scorching hot like summer, but then all of a sudden it got cold and windy. So I had to put together a warm comfy spring  outfit attire.

20160506_115021 Starting off with my makeup,in the video you don’t see me do my eyebrows, but it’s a simple routine I’ll explain later on. I also am not wearing any foundation as some of you know I rarely wear it out ever. So getting started I primed my eyelids with Elf Primer. It works pretty good just have to blend it out a little bit. I’m not all that good with my makeup yet to buy the expensive brands,so mine are pretty cheap not highly pigmented but they do the job for me. For my crease and eyelid area all three colors brown,purple,and silver came from the allure Pallet by Profusion. For the highlight color under my brow it’s a pretty pink rose gold color from the Bloom pallet also by Profusion. Very simple, very light. Winged eyeliner is the hardest thing to put on. It’s just not easy so I never really wing it just keep it simple with L.A. Girls Bold Eyeliner. And for the mascara I used Beauty Reflections Long Lash Mascara. For my lips I have no idea what the color is, but it’s by NYC it’s a “smooch proof liquid lip stain”. It’s a very pretty neutral color.

PSX_20160506_114523 As for my clothing very simple and comfy look. The gray sweater I have no idea where it came from. My mom brought it for me when I was in high school wearing uniforms. It’s a very pretty,comfy sweater and it’s one of my favorites. Probably, because it’s just plain. The leggings I got from this store Fallas Paredes a very good cheap affordable store. These fit very well and I love how they make my bony legs look. As for my shoes I got them from Shoe 4 U it’s a pretty decent store. Converse are my all time favorite and complete the outfit so well. All in all this is a very casual outfit for a grocery day as for me a school day.

My accessories I just threw them together they don’t exactly go together. I’m not a big jewelry person. I don’t wear it often except some earrings,but I added two more pieces. My earrings some medium/tiny good hoops I got from a family friend. My ruby heart shaped ring came from wish. My moon necklace also came from wish. Side note I got some other pieces from wish and if you want an review leave a comment below.

Ruby Ring

Crescent Moon Necklace

As always I want to thank everybody who is reading this. I hope you like the video and blog post. And on another note you don’t have to dress fancy to be cute, sexy, or fashionable. Have a great week Foster’s, and I’ll see you next week.

Love, Dazhane Fisher



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