Why Blogging?

Happy Monday Foster’s,today’s topic is Why Blogging? Some of you might or might not have noticed I officially own my blog. So now it just https://www.uniquelydazhane.com. So that is one step towards achieving some of my goals I have for myself to be successful. So Why Blogging? The chance to be open, showing more emotion and expression. Coming into my own being me. No more negativity. Trying to be successful. A lot of things in a nutshell.

3-what-you-do-to-be.jpg I am a very shy  person. I like to keep to myself I’m not much of a talker. If you watch my YouTube channel https://youtube.com/uniquelydazhane, you’ll notice that I don’t talk that much in my videos. So blogging gives me the ability to write to my followers to get a better understanding of me and who I am. I’m working on how to be more engaging and personal. Even though I may love fashion the’re plenty of blogs doing the exact same thing with the fashion industry. This is a Lifestyle/Fashion Blog. What is is going to set me apart a little bit from other fashion bloggers? You don’t know me at all, nothing personal. And the only way you’re going to know anything about me is from me personally.Nobody can write about me, except it coming from me the source itself. That’s why I chose blogging gives me a way to express my feelings in a diary type of way.


As we grow as a person, as a generation we are still learning things about ourselves. I’m only 18 I have no idea who I really am. I have a lot of growing to do. One thing is that I am trying to figure out who I am individually as a person. For a big portion of my life I’ve been living by how how people want me  to live. I don’t know my biological mother, but wonder who I would be if I knew her. My adoptive mother in my eyes I’ve been the best I could for her, why does she want nothing to do with me I have no idea. We’re not even talking ,but I’m still thinking what would my mother think,or what would my mom say.  Thisngives me the platform to grow as a person.


No more negativity. I’m tired of it, and it’s making my depression worse. I have a lot of things I want to do i my life I need to be focused. The whole blogging thing gives me that platform to let everything out and no keep it in. I had someone tell me that ” you know nothing about fashion”. And you know what my I have people people outside of family I don’t know who costantly support my fashion blog and YouTube channel. So in the end I’m proving them wrong and anybody else who doubts my abilities. Every week my blog stats are going up so what does that say? I’m doing something right. sometimes negativity can be a good thing it can strive you to be better.


To mention some of the people I don’t know and I’ve never met, but have been supporters of me to keep this blog going. Mardeline Miguel she ha been on the blog as a featured guest. She comments on my blog literally every time and has seen me get better and better. She has said that I’ve inspired her and that is exactly what I’m here to do. She also has a blog that I check out on a regular basis https://www.truebornafricanqueen.wordpress.com.She also will be opening up a store really soon. I’m looking forward to it.I know her as TheElleDiaries. You need to check out her blog ASAP https://www.theellediaries.com. It is honestly the best I look forward to them. Everytime I post she comments so nice and wise and she seems to like what I write. She is 57, but you really can’t tell and her style is absolutely amazing. I wish that I had her money to buy all the things she owns in her closet. Janielia Johnson we worked together twice here on the blog she was also a featured guest. She believes in me she will just tell me ” you know what I can see you go far in the future”. She is a beautiful girl inside and out. https://instagram.com/royal_jenae.She is a girl that I recommend for plus size girls to look up to. She is so confident about herself and we need more gils like her to have that confidence.Now I know her as Lady “O” Tv. She has been my main supporter since day one. My first comment on my blog was from her and she had so much faith in me. I haven’t asked her to beon the blog yet, but will be really soon. She sells hair just in case you want to know and she makes beautiful wigs https://www.instagram.com/lady_o_tv. I know I can count on her for anything she is currently helping me by making me a YouTube banner for my channel I’m so thankful. Having their suport I don’t really know them that well sadly gives me the push to keep this blog going, giving me the confidence.

I hope you liked this blog so that it give you a little bit ofinsit of why I’m blogging. If you put you mind to it you will succeed. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say.It takes a long time, but you have to fall in love with the process. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m at the beginning and eventually I will reach my goal. I hope with this blog I can share stories and eventually inspire people.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


5 thoughts on “Why Blogging?

  1. Oh you sweet gorgeous person! How nice that you gave me a shout out! Nicer still, you are getting more confidence as you share you lovely self with the world! I am so glad to know you! Keep Blogging! ( ps. you will have a lot more money when you are old like me! ;0) )
    xx, Elle


  2. Wow such a wonderful post darling… This is powerful and as I watch your growth am in tears like seriously I feel like I have known you for ages… Supports always comes from an unlike source… Trust me you will continue to inspire so many Hun….. Congrats on now owning your blog 👏🏾👏🏾😀 such a great achievement


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