Spring and Street Style


Hello Foster’s, I’ve noticed that lately I’ve not been directly showing you my Fashion’s that I like to wear unless you follow me on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/uniquely_dazhane. So I’ve decided to do an Outfit of the Day that I wore a couple of days ago. I’ll try and do this more often so you can get more of a feel of the types of fashion styles that I like to wear. Not everything that I wear is for everybody, or in some people’s eyes its basically what everybody else is wearing. Some of us like to stick with the trends and some of us have a different type of style and make it their own. Fashion has no limits. You do you and no one should have a say about it.

Street Style/ Fashion- ” Street Fashion is a type fashion that is personal to you. Its something that displays your personality but is highly trendy and cool.”Their are literally no standards to street style its all you. I guess you could get how ever funky you want it. Basically wear whatever you want.


My definition of street is something that isn’t so dressed up and really comfortable. I have no idea where you may live, but here in California the weather has been really warm and hot. So basically we can bring out the shorts and dresses. This a very not thought out outfit I put together. Honestly I couldn’t find anything to wear so I just put it together. So starting from the top I’m wearing a rounded shirt. The top portion I have no idea if you can see it sheer. So this top could go with a more dressy outfit, but also goes well with this casual attire. Top is from Dd’s Discount. These jeans aren’t exactly my favorite. These have a little moving area in them since they are a bit bigger on me. But I kind of like that feel on me since I’m always wearing tight clothing. I had these jeans for awhile, now so I have no idea where I got them. Shoes these are literally the go to shoes that go with everything. The high top Converse are my all time favorites to just throw on and complete the outfit for the cute comfy look.


I hope that you enjoyed this blog and got to see a bit more of my style. Even though this is really casual, I don’t think you always feel the need to always dress up. Some days just let loose, casual, and free. No makeup, no nothing. Casual is the best way to do it; not to much pressure to dress to impress, but still look cute and fashionable at the same time, no matter how casual it may be. See you next time, Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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