Janielia Johnson


Hello Foster’s, here’s another Guest Feature. Welcome Janielia  Johnson who agreed to be on the blog with me. Why did I pick her e blog she is a beautiful girl. She is currently in college, is Christian, and has a lot of goals in life. Everything from what I’ve noticed she gives her all in. Trying to create a better future for herself. I love that about her always working hard to achieve her goals in life.

Another reason I picked Janielia is because of her fashion sense. I’ve been noticing that the modeling /fashion industry are finally starting to use plus size models on the runway or in photoshoots. I’m a skinny girl so I don’t know how it feels to be a thicker girl, but Janielia embraces her figure. That’s really good as in we shouldn’t body because they aren’t societies image of the average skinny girl. I’m excited that the modeling/fashion industry are starting to show diversity.


Interview Questions:

1.) What is your religion? What does God mean to you? “Christianity is my religion. God always has a shield around me and guides me in the right direction.

2.) What is your major in college?” My major in college LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse).”

3.)What does education mean to you? ” College means a lot to me because I want to further my education and get a good paying job.”

4.) What are your goals to have done by the end of the year? “My goals to have done by  of the year is my basic education and to be able to be in the nursing program at my school.”

5.) Aside from church and school what do you do? ” When I am not at church or school I love experimenting with make-up and trying new styles. I also love shopping for new clothes because fashion and style is my life.”

6.) How do you feel about the modeling/fashion industry allowing plus size girls into the fashion industry? “I feel the need  that plus size girls have the right to show all their curves like the other models show their structure.”

7.) How do you feel being a plus size girl? “I love the body I am in because I can slay and be beautiful in anything I wear!”

8.) Where do you get your sense of fashion style from? ” I get my style from a lot of singers like Jill Scott, Chrisette Michele, Janelle Monae, and a lot more!”

9.) What is your favorite type of style or chic? ” My style is both actually. I dress classy and then my moments where I dress street!”

10.) Have you ever thought of doing a beauty channel on YouTube? ( your makeup is awesome). ” I’ve had thoughts of doing a beauty channel on YouTube, but I’m waiting on a better camera quality, and other materials to make it happen. Thank you so much!”

11.) Who are some people you look up to and why? ” I look up to Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae because their style is unique from every girl! Sometimes you have to be different to be beautiful.”

I want to thank Janielia for doing this Blog Post with me I appreciate it. I enjoyed doing it with her.

Keep up with Janielia on her Social Media:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Nielia.emon.7

Instagram: https://instagram.com./royal_jenae

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5 thoughts on “Janielia Johnson

  1. Interesting interview! I love the appreciation for diversity.Janielia IS a warm, positoive and forward thinking young lady. The wonderful thing about positive thinking and having like minded people in your life is that it keeps you focused and on track. Ladies keep your head right and your faces beat!. And continue to slay with the fashions- both chic and unique Peace and blessings!


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