Mardeline Miquel


Hey Foster’s! Today I’m really excited guest on my blog. Today’s guest is Mardeline Miguel. We met through Social Media. I’m excited that reached out to do this post, and she agreed to do this guest feature interview with me.

Who is Mardeline Miguel? Mardeline Miguel is a very devoted Christian. Grew up in a Christian household as her dad is a Pastor, which makes her a pastor’s kid. She currently resides in Ireland an Irish Blogger. She currently has 3 Blog Websites. How does she do it I have no idea it’s difficult for me to run 1. So I raise a hand to her and give her props.

  1. Beauty/Fashion Blog:
  2. Facebook Page:
  3. Christian Blog:
  4. Christian Site:

She also has two YouTube Channels which she post regularly

  1. Christian Channel:
  2. Beauty/Fashion Channel:

Screenshot_2016-01-24-12-31-05-1Interview Questions:

1.) How do you feel being a pastor’s daughter and what it brings to your daily life? “Growing up being a pastor’s daughter  is not easy at all, but growing up I feel that I have actually been able to deal with it a lot easier now that I’m older. It brings joy to my heart knowing that God has chosen my family for this special position.”

2.) What do you like to do for fun? “Honestly its hard so hard to believe for people to believe, but I am such a nerd. I love whether it’s crime, romance, and beauty. I also love going out with my friends and spending time with my family as I don’t see them often.”

3.) Describe what fashion means to you? “Fashion is what makes you comfortable and never follow other people make your own fashion statement.”

4.) What made you get into fashion? Well growing up I loved dressing up barbies and designing clothes for them.”

5.) What makes you like makeup and what’s your favorite product? “I’ve only been into makeup since last year I wasn’t really a makeup person before that. My favorite product got to be lip gloss I have so many.”

6.) What is your favorite fashion statement piece to wear? “I love statement necklaces its a must have for everyday. I feel that it always takes an outfit to the next level.”

7.) Who do you look up to for inspiration not fashion related? “The person who I look up to is my dad, he is an amazing person and father. He has taught me so many things growing up and whenever I need guidance I can always turn to him.”

8.) Who do you look up to for fashion advice? “I look up to my mom she has a crazy fashion sense of fashion, but she makes it work all the time. When I was younger I used to think she was crazy lol.”

9.) What is it like being part of the YouTube World? ” It’s crazy being  apart of YouTube, because in person I’m really shy. YouTube has given me so much confidence, and made me a stronger person.”

10.) What does family mean to you? ” Family is everything to me I’m so close to mine I would be lost without them. Family is not just your blood relative it can also be close friends.”

11.) What are you goals or anything you want to accomplish this year 2016? “Well first off I want to have a better relationship with God. I feel like last year my spiritual life took a downfall, so I just want to improve on that. I would also like to open an Etsy Store. Those are the two things I want done by the end of 2016.


I hope you enjoyed this article with Mardeline and I. To see more updates about Mardeline check out her social med

Love, Dazhane Fisher



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